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Adblue - roztw�r mocznika dla system�w SCR ad blue

AdBlue® and other products


AdBlue® (NH2)2CO + H2O

It is an aqueous solution of urea made from pure urea (with no alien substances) and demineralized water, containing 32.5% of urea. It is non-toxic, odorless, colorless and environment friendly.

AdBlue® is used in SCR systems in automotive industry due to new EU legislation regulating gas emission standards in Diesel engines.

According to the EU directive of 1 OCT 2006, new more restrictive standards were introduced in gas emission (Euro 4), and were tightened even more on 1 OCT 2008 (Euro 5). New standards require producers of trucks over 3.5t of tonnage to adapt their stock to the regulations in force. SCR technology gives the producers such possibility.

Another standard, EURO 6, will be introduced in 2014. Admissible emissions of NOX shall be 400 mg/kWh, which is 80% less than in EURO 5.

Benefits of using AdBlue®:

  • reduction of environment pollution
  • fuel consumption reduced by 5% (optimal engine settings)
  • reduced taxes and road tolls in Europe and in Poland

Period of usefulness and storage conditions

Maximum period of storing AdBlue® is within one year from its production in conditions preferred for AdBlue®. It is non-inflammable, however it becomes prone to hydrolytic dissolution into ammonia if stored in temperatures above 30C. It also crystallizes if stored in temperatures below -11.5C, which means that the containers, distributors and valves should be insulated and, if necessary, heated, and the place of storage should have a working air conditioning.


Urea and ammonia solutions

Our offer includes technical urea solutions of 35%, 40% and 45% purity. Urea solution is colorless and odorless. It is delivered to the client loose in a tanker or in a 1000 liter IBC container.

Aqueous solution of ammonia of 25% purity is a colorless liquid with a distinctive smell. It is classified as hazardous material, class no.8 merchandise according to RID and ADR classifications.

It is delivered to the client loose or in 1000 liter IBC container.


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Blue Solution has storehouses in the Nitrogen Plant in Puławy.

The central Blue Solution storehouse is located within the Nitrogen Plant in Puławy, close to the facility manufacturing AdBlue®. We have a high-efficiency packing line for pouring AdBlue® to smaller containers: 10L, 18L, 20L, and 30L canisters; barrels; ICB containers. Every step of packing is subject to strict quality control.

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