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Adblue - roztw�r mocznika dla system�w SCR ad blue


We offer AdBlue® in the following packages:

  • In 10l, 18l, 30l canisters

    light and easy to use. They can be taken for a longer trip and treated as back up in emergency situations (allow you to reach the supply point or your own base).

  • In 220l barrels
  • In 1000l ICB containers

    with a system of pumps for refilling. A modern 1000l container connected to the refilling system including a pump for easy and safe use.

We guarantee maintenance, tech support and efficient AdBlue® refilling.

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Blue Solution has storehouses in the Nitrogen Plant in Puławy.

The central Blue Solution storehouse is located within the Nitrogen Plant in Puławy, close to the facility manufacturing AdBlue®. We have a high-efficiency packing line for pouring AdBlue® to smaller containers: 10L, 18L, 20L, and 30L canisters; barrels; ICB containers. Every step of packing is subject to strict quality control.

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Zakłady Azotowe Puławy - polski producent środka AdBlue. Dystrybutor Blue Solution, Warszawa, woj. Mazowieckie.
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