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Adblue - roztw�r mocznika dla system�w SCR ad blue

SCR - (Selective Catalytic Reduction) - is based on dissociation harmful substances included in exhaust fumes from diesel engines and turning them into water and nitrogen. According to EURO 5 standards, the emission of harmful nitrogen oxides has been reduced by 60% and the emission of particulate matter by no less than 80%. Most of European producers of trucks, buses and touring cars decided to make use of this particular technology to meet the standards set by Euro4 and Euro5.

The trucks have an additional built-in container, which injects the AdBlue® directly into exhaust fumes' catalyzer in SCR technology.
This way a reduction in gas emission is implemented, and therefore greenhouse gases and acidic rains may be reduced as well. After numerous tests performed by the producers, it is estimated that AdBlue® consumption will constitute to 4-5% of total fuel consumption in the case of Euro4 standard and 6% in the case of Euro5 standard, so a distance of 100km will require about 1.7l of AdBlue®.

The SCR technology is also applied in diesel engines in cars. Estimated AdBlue® consumption is 0.9l/1.000 km, which means that a full tank of AdBlue® would last at least 20.000 km. This means that AdBlue® would be replenished at service stations during periodical inspections.

SNCR - (Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction) - is based on adding urea or ammonia to outlet exhaustion gases. The reagent will selectively reduce NO to molecular N2. This reaction requires high temperatures and is used in the industrial scale.

The method of selective non-catalytic reduction enables us to decrease the emission of nitrogen oxides from exhaustion fumes by 40-70%.

The benefits of this method are:

  • no need for any catalyzers or reactors
  • no need to heat up the fuel, as the whole process is implemented in high temperatures
  • reducing nitrogen oxides emission at its source
  • this method is cheaper to implement in industry

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Blue Solution has storehouses in the Nitrogen Plant in Puławy.

The central Blue Solution storehouse is located within the Nitrogen Plant in Puławy, close to the facility manufacturing AdBlue®. We have a high-efficiency packing line for pouring AdBlue® to smaller containers: 10L, 18L, 20L, and 30L canisters; barrels; ICB containers. Every step of packing is subject to strict quality control.

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